I get into trouble from my husband for having too many cushions.  But as decorating and updating colour schemes can be costly, this alternative to reupholstering is the best thing ever!

I've made cushions for years, but most of them don't stay long ...

Either a family member or a close friend will claim them and I am always willing to create more.  

Most cushions are 30cm x 40cm - small, because one feature cushion is all you need against a backdrop of nuetral cushions.

The are great as a centre piece on a single or double bed.  King size beds look better with 2 small cushions on either side.  These small cushions are really good on a single chair too.  Check out my photos to give you some idea as to how they can work for you. 

My designs are very simple.  The little bird design is a favourite and the yachts are very popular too.  I love animal silhouettes, so there are always some new designs I'm coming out with in my range.

All the photos in this template are taken by the talented photographer 
Akos Major.